Who We Are

The Continentals Behind This Site

Hi there, we’re Beáta and Savannah. We are from two villages located in mainland Europe. Bea is from the mountains in Czechia, and Savannah grew up between cows and horses in Germany. We met during our Marketing Master’s at the University of Strathclyde and figured out that we share quite a few thoughts on food and other things that are completely different from the Scottish culture. Since we live geographically still in Europe, we decided to call this page Continentals in Scotland.  

Where we are from. Source: Google Maps 

Why Are We Doing This Blog?  

Although there is just a bit of water between the big island and mainland Europe, we found out that there are quite a few cultural differences. Especially after living for a while in Scotland, even small things from the everyday life we never thought about slowly started to build up.  

So, we thought it might be worth writing these down and create a blog that collects all the information on cultural differences but also tips on where to find Continental gems such as a decent chicken soup or a crunchy loaf of bread. 

Become a Continental 

Have you also moved to Scotland and want to share your thoughts on something that fits in our blog? Check out our ‘write for us’ page or contact us if you have any other ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!