Whether you just want to find travel inspiration for Scotland, or filter Continental information by places, this section lets you do it.

For this, we have separated all the places by Highlands, Lowlands, and Islands. Everything that is above the line from Dumbarton to Stonehaven supposedly belongs to the Highlands, and everything underneath to the Lowlands.

To make your life easier when you want to find more information on lochs, islands and mountains for your next trip, we also created sub sections for that.

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Christmas Shenanigans in Eastern and Central Europe – Part 2

Only four days left and its Christmas! Yes, in Continental Europe we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, not the 25th. To get us into the final Christmas spirit, we light the fourth candle of our advent wreath today and start wrapping the first presents.

Christmas Shenanigans in Eastern and Central Europe – Part 1

While Christmas is very well structured in Eastern and Central Europe, Scotland has more Christmas songs than it has traditions. We prepared a short overview of important days and dates you should know if you ever decide to spend the festive period in Eastern or Central Europe.

Scotland, why are you so messy?

Scotland, we need to talk about recycling. You are a country with such formidable nature and heritage that is admired throughout the world. And yet, whether you hit the town on Sunday morning or drive along Loch Lomond to the north, there’s litter everywhere. So, tell me, Scotland, why are you so messy?


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