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Whenever we find a website to a Continental gem we found, we might use an affiliate link if we can. The good news is: It won’t affect you in any way but gives us the chance to earn a small commission if you buy something from that shop. So, a win-win for both sides. You will pay the same price, but we might earn a small portion from the sale for recommending the brand to you.

Whenever a local brand invites us to test them out, we will let you know in the post that we have been gifted that experience. Don’t worry, our opinion of that brand is genuine. We are Continentals, so we were born to be direct and honest, especially the German of us.

Privacy Policy

What are these cookies you are talking about?

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How we use cookies:

We try to make your experience on our blog as good as possible. The cookies help us to improve our website as they tell us what works and what doesn’t. For example, if we see that lots of our readers leave one of our pages quite often, we will check whether that is caused by a functional error. In order for us to analyse the cookie information, we use Google Analytics that gives us lots of helpful insights on how we can improve our blog. Don’t worry, we are not able to identify you in any way. All the data we collect is in a general sense and we can’t and won’t analyse your unique browsing experience.

How you disable cookies:

If you still don’t quite trust those cookies, you can block them in your browser. That would be a bit inconvenient for us since we just want to improve your experience on our blog, but fair enough. Check out this website on how you can block cookies.