Fresh Food from Scottish Farmers During Lockdown

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

With the ongoing lockdown due to the Coronavirus, we are all currently stuck at home and can only go out for essential groceries or our daily exercise. That could mean that you can’t visit your favourite local farmer’s shop because it’s too far away, or because you to have to self-isolate.

The good news is: Scottish farmers and wholesalers have introduced delivery services to your door which is a great alternative to supermarkets. Especially during this crisis, its essential to support local businesses so that they still exist once this virus is over. We researched shops across Scotland that deliver veggie boxes and tried to cover as many areas as possible. Check out if there is an opportunity for you on the following list.

Seasonal Produce

Seasonal Produce is a wholesaler based in Glasgow whose mission it is to deliver quality produce to Scotland’s restaurants, cafés and caterers. With the Corona crisis, they introduced veggie boxes that they deliver to your door. They buy their produce from local farmers and try to recycle as much as they can. Plus, they engage with local communities such as the Woodlands Community.

You can choose between the normal £30 veggie box, or buy the vegan box instead that takes out the dairy and adds more fruits. They also offer 30 free-range eggs for £5 that are from the Corrie Mains farm. And if you need supply for your smoothie, you can also order 1kg of fresh seasonal berries for £10. And a wild mushroom pack for £5.

Website: Click here

Delivers to: Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire

Urban Grocer

Urban Grocer is a family run business that started as a wholesaler in 1946, supplying fruits and vegetables from Scotland. Since then, they expanded their product range, including exotic fruits like dragon fruit, kumquat and more. The stock changes with each season, depending on which fruits and vegetables are available.

The medium fruits and veggie box costs £18, and the large one £24. You can also choose to only order fruit or veggies for the same price. Next to this, Urban Grocer also offers butchers, fish, and breakfast packs.

They also offer a wide range of other products, including dairy from Graham’s Family Dairy, pasta and soups.

Website: Click here

Delivers to: Glasgow, Edinburgh

Black Isle Veg Boxes

We also researched farmers and wholesalers in the North of Scotland and came across Black Isle Veg Boxes. They are located in the middle of Black Isle, near Killen, and specialised in growing leafy greens and other vegetables. Their organic certified land is also the home to mutton, lambs, and rugs, which are all home bred.

You can choose between four different veggie boxes that contain lots of different organic vegetables that are grown by the farm itself or by other local growers.

The smallest veggie box for one person is £8, the regular one (with or without potatoes) is £12, and the large one is £18. There is also a box full of spring salads and greens, for £8.

Website: Click here

Delivers to: Black Isle, Inverness, Beauly, Muir, Conon, Dingwall, Strathpeffer, Evanton & places in between

Pillars of Hercules

Pillars of Hercules is a farm located close to Falkland, with St. Andrew and Perth being the closest cities. The farm produces various food and made it its mission to run organic principles so that the impact on the environment is kept at a minimum.

For £15 a week, you can order a veggie box that is full of organically grown produce. For £2, you can add 12 eggs to your box, for £7 a fruit selection bag, and for £7 an additional veg selection bag.

Once the lockdown is lifted, it’s worth paying the farm a visit. They have a beautiful farm shop, a café, a campsite, a cute holiday bothy, and even host different events.

Website: Click here

Delivers to: Fife, Loch Leven

Farmers and wholesalers who cannot take new customers right now

Due to Coronavirus, a lot of farmers and wholesalers faced an increased demand in veggie boxes. Unfortunately, a lot of them cannot accept new customers for now. Once the lockdown is lifted, you might be able to order veggie boxes from them again. That’s why we created a list of all of the businesses that cannot take new customers just now but might be worth keeping an eye on. Some of them offer waiting lists, so if there is no other business in your area but them, it might be worth signing up.

Knockfarrel Produce; Highlands

Website: Click here

Natural Vegetable Company, Inverness

Website: Click here

Macleod Organics, Highlands

Website: Click here

East Coast Organics Farm Shop

Website: Click here

Shop is re-opened

Bridgefoot Organic Co-operative, Aberdeenshire

Website: Click here

With ease of lockdown, they are now taking new orders again (but response time might be slower than usual): Place an order

Vital Veg, Aberdeenshire

Website: Click here

Your Local Farm, Slamannan, Central Scotland

Website: Click here

Grow Wild Organics, Central Belt East

Website: Click here

Bellfield Organics, Five

Website: Click here

Locavore CIC, Glasgow

Website: Click here

Waiting list: Sign up here

You can still order from their online shop and create your own veggie boxes.

Roots and Fruits, Glasgow

Website: Click here

Waiting list: Sign up here

Hopefully, you could find a farmer or wholesaler on this list that delivers veggie boxes to your area. If there is none on the list so far, check if you have a local veggie shop that have introduced deliveries recently. For example, the family-run grocery shop Ashby’s Fruit and Veggie Supplies in Partick, Glasgow, has recently started to deliver veggie boxes. Let us know if there is a farmer or wholesaler that we have missed out, and we’ll add it to our list.


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