Best Mountains To Climb In Scotland – The Buachaille

View of the Buachaille and the probably most photographed cottage in Scotland. Photo: Cameron Swanson

One of the most beautiful things in Scotland are the mountains that are spread all over the country, which makes for some fantastic scenery. The road through Glencoe is especially famous for its breath-taking views of the mountains.

This blog series will guide you through the best mountains in Scotland and how difficult they are to approach. There will be another series differentiating between mountains for beginners and more advanced, but this one will purely focus on the most beautiful mountains of Scotland.

Let’s start with the Buachaille, which you might recognise for the Lagangarbh cottage that is sitting right in front of it.

Where Is The Mountain And What Makes It So Special?

The actual name of the Buachaille is “Buachaille Etive Mòr” and is located at the head of the Glen Etive, which is right in the middle of the Highlands, close to Glencoe. The view of the mountain valley was featured in Skyfall when Bond takes M up to his family home, stopping on the A82 with the Buachaille on the left.

When there is no fog blocking the view of the mountain, you can see its beautiful pyramid shape. Especially with snow on the top, it’s spectacular to look at.

How Difficult Is The Mountain To Climb?

While you already get an incredible view if you just take a small walk off the road, you will probably get one of the best views of the Highlands from top of the Buachaille. Unfortunately, this mountain is not for beginners. If you don’t have any experience in hiking, then you should definitely not approach the climb without a guide, and maybe try an easier mountain first.

The peak is at 1110m, and you will need to go through some rough ground as well as climbing over several peaks before reaching the top. According to different reviews, it can take about a full day to climb, especially if sudden fog is developing.

What Is The Best Route?

There are two routes that lead to the top of the Buachaille. The one that starts from the street in the front of the mountain is quite steep and challenging, and only for very experienced mountaineers.

If you hike along the back, you can climb up a much smoother route that leads to the top. Check out the recommended route by walkhighlands:

How Do You Get There?

There is only one road leading to the mountain, so it’s impossible to miss the Buachaille. Follow the A82, and once you pass the tiny lochs after Loch Tulla, watch out for either the Glencoe Mountain Resort or The Kingshouse Hotel. You can park your car there and start your hike.

If you want to go by public transport, you can take the bus that goes to Fort William or Skye and hop off at The Kingshouse.

Climbing the Buachaille involves some mountaineering skills, but will reward you with a spectacular view. Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.


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